Gournah Residency

Artist Residency at the village of Gournah, Upper-Egypt

In its first ever edition, I had the pleasure and the privilege to live and work for two whole months among lovely people and great artists. During the residency, live drawing played a big part in our daily production. I choose, in my personal time, to develop a series of gouaches exploring the symbolic of goddess Hathor, the Mother of Mothers, as well as a short 9 page comic on the experience of my body in this new place and culture.

The first year of the residency La Maison de Gurnah took place in November and December 2019. It enabled 4 winning artists from France to live two months in total immersion in a village in Upper Egypt which is also one of the major sites of the memory of humanity. They joined in taking turns with three young Egyptian artists. They all worked together, with Golo, to prepare an exhibition which took place during the Comics International Festival in Angoulême at 2020 and will travel afterwards at Cairo Comix’s Festival.

The French Based Artists: Kathrine Avraam, Valentina Principe, Rojer Feghali & Loïc Verdier
The Egypt Artists : Deena Mohamed, Mohamed Wahba Elshenawy & Mohamed Salah

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Maison des Auteurs

Kora, the red void is Graphic Novel Project developped during La Maison des Auteurs Residency, Angoulême (FR).

It’s a free reinterpretation of the christian mythology and the social construction of faith. We follow the female lead, Kora, who tries to reason within the cult-like community in which she grew up.

work in process…